The time has come


Itís time once again to kick off the plan for The Colorado Ride in July.

Can you believe this will be our 8th year? We are hoping for more than just another outstanding Event. For 2011 we want to mix it up a bit. New ideas, new plans, letís make 2011 something special for us and our guests.

In our upcoming meetings we will discuss the plans, get our coordinators in place and discuss any ideas you may have.  EVERYONE IS ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND. We are looking forward to another successful year with your help!

We encourage everyone to get involved with the Colorado Ride at some level.

  • Level 1; the top level of commitment helping with the planning and implementation. Make the meetings when possible and respond via email offering input, ideas and helping to pull all the plans together.

  • Level 2; a moderate level of commitment. If you canít make all the meetings or you donít want to get involved with all the plans but you still want to participate. You can offer resources and help where needed. In other words, tell me what you need and Iíll be glad to help.

  • Level 3; you arenít able to be involved or donít care what weíre planning. All you know is that youíll be there July 4th weekend having a great time but if we need help around the hotel, or need help crewing a ride you would be willing to help. In other words, you have no desire to be involved with the day to day planning but youíre willing to help at the Event as needed.

Drop us an email with your desired level of interest 1, 2 or 3 and we'll get you signed up as per your request. We hope to see you involved this year at some level. If you have a preferred area of interest, activities, communications, event wear, games, rides, be sure to let us know that as well.

To let us know you want to be involved or to get on the information distribution list for the Colorado Ride in July "click here."

We hope to see you there.