Colorado Ride in July
Helpful Tips for your Visit


On our rides each year, you will be traveling at various altitudes over passes and through canyons. You can find temperatures ranging anywhere between the lower 40ís or as high as the upper 90ís.

  • Layered clothing is best to handle the temperature changes.

  • Don't forget to throw in mid weight gloves.

  • Bring a rain suit; you never know when they will come in handy. It can also be used to help keep you warm.

Coloradoís elevation and semi-arid climate will dehydrate you.

  • Stay hydrated drink plenty of fluids.

  • Alcohol at this altitude will effect you quicker and take longer to wear off. Alcohol information found here

  • Grab a water bottle to carry with you on rides.

Because you may not be accustomed to higher altitudes, sometimes in excess of 12,000 feet be sure to consider the following.

  • Use sunscreen. At this altitude it is very easy to burn even if itís cloudy or you usually do not burn.

  • Be aware of altitude sickness. It wouldn't hurt to throw in some Advil for the occasional headaches caused by the thin air.

  • High Altitude Sickness Information found here

Some of our rides will visit the less traveled areas of the state.

  • Carry some extra cash, this may come in handy if the gas pumps don't take credit cards or fail.

  • Cash will also help you get your meals paid for quickly.

  • Some rides like the Ride and Raft, Cave of the Winds, Manitou Cliff Dwellings, Rocky Mountain National Park and Mt. Evan will require cash for the activity or entrance fee.

  • Pack a few crackers / snacks to take with you on the rides. 

Each ride will have a Ride Leader and Crew.

  • Please grab a ride map from us and familiarize yourself with the next stop or turn.

  • If you are separated from the group you will be able to find us.

  • If you decide to leave a ride or venture off on your own, please inform the Leader or Crew member so we don't hold up the group looking for you.

Colorado does not have a helmet law, but does require eye protection.

  • We suggest you still wear a helmet and the other safety gear.

  • Bring clear or light colored glasses for night riding.

These are a few items we suggest you bring.

  • A spare key for your bike, saddle bags and trailer. If you misplace or lose one, you will not be stranded.

  • A basic tool kit, flash light, first aid kit, and tire repair kit are hard to find room for but very good to have when you need them. Inflate a spare will also work.

We want you to have a great time and above all, we want you to be safe and comfortable on your chosen ride. Please be very aware of wild life on the roads and in the State Parks. They are everywhere and when seen, you must proceed with caution, they are unpredictable. Some canyon roads have no shoulder and if you miss the corner it could be disastrous. RIDE AT YOUR PACE AND COMFORT LEVEL. This isn't a competition and you have nothing to prove to anyone. We want you to arrive alive!

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider our ideas. With your help this will be an awesome weekend and ride. We are here to help you have the time of your life.

Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.   "Click Here"

Colorado VTX Range Riders