Group Riding Etiquette
The quick and Short List

Barry Sonius - King Cobra,


Standard staggered formation. You should be 1 to 1.5 seconds behind the staggered bike, which would put you 2 to 3 seconds behind the bike directly in front of you.

If you like to ride slow or are new to group riding get up front. Those who like to ride fast should ride in the back.  New riders may think they want to ride in the back, but the reality is just the opposite, they need to be near the front.

Spread out a little around tight corners.  Most will need a little extra space.  We donít want anyone riding off into the ditch.

No wheelies, stoppies, etc. People should also not slow way down from the group, then zoom back up to the group. While it may be fun to goof around with your bike when youíre alone, it has no place and can create problems with the safety of the group.